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History of creation and development

23 November 1993 General Director of OAO Severstal, Yuri Lipukhin signed the Order No. 287 for the creation of Furniture Production at the Cherepovets Metallurgical Combine.

The key features of the new project were the largest production capacity in the country and the application of powder metal painting technology, which is promising at the time. These features, together with the availability of our own high-quality raw materials for furniture production (thin-walled steel pipes) and proximity to the largest consumption regions, served as objective prerequisites for the development of the enterprise-leader in the industry.

In 1994, the first contracts for the supply of equipment were concluded. In the workshops, construction work was completed and preparations for the deployment of production began. The main technological equipment for production (painting lines, cutting lines, bending lines and CNC machines) was purchased in Italy, and specialists and production managers underwent training and internships there. The choice in favor of Italian equipment and technology was not accidental. At that time, it was Italy’s furniture makers that largely determined the leadership in the global furniture market.

In the fall of 1995, a chair production workshop was opened. Furniture production has released the first model of the chair - MP 0168.01. Its seat and back were made of steel perforated sheet, and the frame had a solid S-shape. The “first-born child” was named “penny”, thus emphasizing its low cost and the right to start a new countdown in the life of production.

In the spring of 1996 a bed production workshop was opened. The first bed, released by the new workshop, was the model "Grace". It is noteworthy that the first bed released, as well as the first chair, became the sales leader in its category.

The first buyer of products of Furniture production was of course the metallurgical combine itself. The products were used to equip office premises, canteens, hotels, hostels, and recreational facilities. Over time, as the range has expanded, Furniture production has won recognition in all regions of Russia and abroad.

In 1998, Furniture production of OAO Severstal became the best at the exhibition “100 Best Products of Russia” and received the right to label its products with a special sign. The company has significantly strengthened, gained credibility.

In 2001, a business partnership began with the IKEA concern.

On March 1, 2002, by the plan for improving the efficiency of asset management of the holding company Severstal, it was decided to reorganize Furniture Production into an independent business unit, OOO “Severstal-Mebel”. The transition to a new form of work has made it possible to qualitatively improve the efficiency of asset management, significantly speed up business processes for developing new types of products, and more effectively engage in promoting the company's products on the market. In the same period, the company was certified for compliance by the quality management system according to ISO 9001 and received a Lloyd certificate.

In the new independent status, OOO “Severstal-Mebel” actively participates in the largest specialized exhibitions in Russia. A wide assortment offer of modern and reliable furniture and accumulated experience have identified a wide range of clients of the company, including: wholesale and retail companies, educational and healthcare organizations, catering, hotel and social facilities, railway stations, furniture manufacturers.

The newest history of the company began in 2013, when the company was bought by private investors and renamed OOO “Mebeltorg”. The decision to sell the company in Severstal has been brewing for a long time. The furniture business, on the one hand, was not core for the metallurgical holding, and consequently did not receive from the Combine resources for development and the attention of the company’s management to their problems; Combine didn’t gave a chance to be more adaptive in the market and make the necessary changes faster.

In the second half of 2016, with the arrival at the enterprise of a new management team led by General Director Alexei Dmitrievich Vzdorov, the company was able to significantly increase its production and sales volumes.

In January 2017, OOO Mebeltorg exhibited its products at the world's largest furniture exhibition - International Möbel Messe in Cologne (Germany), where we held talks on cooperation with the largest French and German retail chains.

In June 2017, OOO Mebeltorg implemented an investment project for mastering the production of cabinet furniture from chipboard. The main purpose of the furniture - office and residential premises.

In 2016 and 2017 OOO Mebeltorg was chosen as the winner in the prestigious nomination “The Best Exporter in Furniture Production”. This award is the result of the systematic and hard work of the entire team of the company and a sign of recognition of our contribution to the regional economy

By the end of 2017, in the conditions of the furniture market stagnation in the Russian Federation OOO Mebeltorg had the growth in production and product sales amounted to 20%. Large contracts for the supply of furniture with Coca-Cola, SunInBev, Baltika, AO Thunder, Amur GPP, Russian Defense Ministry, etc. were signed and fully implemented. And the fact that the company became the basic supplier of furniture for the Confederations Cup in 2017 and the World Cup in 2018 speaks about the high quality and attractive design of furniture produced by OOO Mebeltorg.

Today, the company's product line includes more than 500 furniture models: beds, tables, chairs, chair sections, orthopedic bases, etc.

The company pays special attention to the development of new types of products for law enforcement agencies, medical, educational, municipal and sports institutions, cafes, restaurants, the construction sector. We are constantly expanding our product range, improving existing furniture models and developing new ones in order to cover the widest possible range of customers and be able to make our customers an offer for comprehensive furniture supply. In addition to serial models of furniture, the company manufactures furniture and individual projects.

In recent years, the furniture market made of the metal frame is rapidly gaining a new wave of success. The furniture on a metal basis corresponds to the spirit of the times, is modern and capable of combining many styles and trends. The development of metal furniture production is explained by the unique ability of the metal to be combined with almost all materials used in the production of furniture. In addition, the metal is a natural, environmentally friendly material that can give the furniture a special elegance and appeal.

Our capabilities allow you to perform almost any whim of the customer, both in technical performance and in the volume of production.

The company "Mebeltorg" is in a favorable geographical position. The city of Cherepovets is located at the junction of three economic regions - the European North, the North-West and the Center. Proximity to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and other large industrial centers of Russia opens up broad opportunities for the sale of finished products of the enterprise.

A powerful production base and the availability of the largest production of electric welded pipes at PAO Severstal at our production site provide OOO Mebeltorg with a significant strategic advantage.

The furniture of the company OOO “Mebeltorg” is of high quality and affordable prices, and the offer is varied. The peculiarity of the enterprise is the ability to quickly and accurately fulfill large complex orders. Extensive experience working with regional partners allowed us to arrange deliveries to most regions of Russia.